Never Loan Money To Friends Quotes

When money changes hands between friends, friendships can change too. Here’s a quick glimpse into timeless quotes that tell us why it might be best to avoid lending money to friends.”Never stain the canvas of friendship with the ink of financial strains.”

Never Loan Money To Friends Quotes

  1. “Friends are to be loved, not to be used as our personal banks.”
  2. “Money borrowed is often friendship lost.”
  3. “When you lend a friend money, you lose both the money and the friend.”
  4. “Bankrolls and best friends make tricky business partners.”
  5. “Lending money to a friend is like giving them a license to forget your relationship.”
  6. “Friendship and finance are two rivers that should never merge.”
  7. “Maintain the balance of friendship by keeping money out of it.”
  8. “The quickest way to change a friend into a foe is to lend them money.”
  9. “A friend in debt is often a friendship in peril.”
  10. “Being a friend’s lender often lands you in the debtor’s prison of lost connections.”
  11. “Lending to a friend often leads to a debt in relationships.”
  12. “Cash can clash with the valuable bonds of friendship.”
  13. “Purse-strings often pull on the cords of friendship in unexpected ways.”
  14. “Friendship is about love, respect, and trust – not credit and debit.”
  15. “Money, once lent to a friend, tends to take the friendship along as interest.”
  16. “The debt between friends is often paid in awkward silences.”
  17. “Loan terms and friendship don’t blend well.”
  18. “The currency of friendship is trust, not dollars and cents.”
  19. “Shared laughter is richer than loaned money among friends.”
  20. “When a friend becomes a debtor, the dynamic of your relationship often pays the price.”
  21. “Money lent to a friend can result in an expensive lesson in loss.”
  22. “Lending to friends is like mixing oil with water; it eventually separates and leaves a mess.”
  23. “The cost of lending money is often a friendship.”
  24. “The only thing more expensive than a bad debt is a lost friendship.”
  25. “Exchange of money among friends often leads to an imbalance.”
  26. “Lending changes the friendship equation in ways we can’t predict.”
  27. “Don’t let the cash flow turn your friendship to ashes.”
  28. “When friendship involves money, both become bankruptcy risks.”
  29. “Friends and money are like oil and water, they don’t mix.”
  30. “A true friendship is priceless, don’t ruin it over price.”
  31. “Friendship is about emotional investments, not financial ones.”
  32. “Money loaned to a friend walks away with a piece of the friendship.”
  33. “Complications are always in the interest when you loan friends money.”
  34. “Mint your friendships with love, not money.”
  35. “Lending money can close the doors of friendship.”
  36. “Better to deny the loan and remain friends than grant it and part ways.”
  37. “A borrowed dollar can steal priceless moments of friendship.”
  38. “Loan not to a friend, for it often lends to discomfort.”
  39. “Money should enrich friendships, not overdraw them.”
  40. “Never let lending become the end of a bond.”
  41. “Putting price tags on friendship dilutes its value.”
  42. “Better save a friendship than loan it away with money.”
  43. “Lending to a friend? Prepare to update your relationship status.”
  44. “Avoid counting dollars with friends, focus on counting memories.”
  45. “The hassle of lending money is an expensive gift to friendship.”
  46. “Invest in moments with friends, not monetary transactions.”
  47. “The greatest currency in friendship isn’t cash but trust.”
  48. “Financial transactions should never transact friendships.”
  49. “A loan should never borrow from the value of friendship.”
  50. “Don’t let temporary dollars create permanent cracks in your friendship.”
  51. “Being a friend’s bank often bankrupts the friendship itself.”
  52. “A loaned dollar holds the power to devalue priceless friendships.”
  53. “Friendship’s account can’t withstand the withdrawal of borrowed money.”
  54. “When you mix finances into friendship, you are risking both.”
  55. “Financial obligations can fade the colors of the most vibrant friendships.”
  56. “A purchase made with borrowed money is often packaged with lost friendships.”
  57. “Much more than money is at stake when lending to friends.”
  58. “Handing a loan to a friend is like handing explosives to a child; it can blow up unexpectedly.”
  59. “Friendships thrive on love and respect, not receipts and reminders.”
  60. “When you lend to friends, relationships become transactions.”
  61. “Money lent often costs us a wealth of friendship.”
  62. “When dollars come in the door, friendships often go out the window.”
  63. “Loans should never bridge the gap between friendships.”
  64. “Issue loans with caution, for they often carry the interest of destroyed friendships.”
  65. “Financial debt can often lead to emotional bankruptcy in friendships.”
  66. “Lending money might earn you interest, but it may cost a friendship.”
  67. “Money can erase friendships faster than debts.”
  68. “When money becomes the language of friendship, silence becomes the norm.”
  69. “Don’t let your friendship pay the price of a temporary need.”
  70. “A friend’s wallet is not a bank, nor should it be treated as one.”
  71. “Balances due often balance friendships into extinction.”
  72. “Loaning money to friends is like using dynamite for a campfire; it can explode without control.”
  73. “Borrowed money, lost friendship, high price for a cheap loan.”
  74. “Dollars and cents should not define sense in friendships.”
  75. “Your wallet is not a friendship card, don’t swipe it for favors.”
  76. “Wrecked friendships are the hidden fees of lending money.”
  77. “Where loans enter, friendships exit.”
  78. “Don’t risk a precious friendship for pennies and dollars.”
  79. “To lend money is to sell friendship.”
  80. “Money can be refunded, friendships cannot.”
  81. “Consider the cost of a lost friendship before lending.”
  82. “Borrowing can burrow chasms in friendships.”
  83. “Lend money to a friend, and you’ll more than likely have lost both by the end.”
  84. “The highway of loans often leads to the dead end of friendships.”
  85. “Money lent to friends is often repaid in disappointment.”
  86. “Before a loan to a friend, imagine it as a gift; you’re unlikely to see it back.”
  87. “When money talks in friendships, it often says goodbye.”
  88. “Friendship can’t handle the weight of financial debt.”
  89. “Loans between friends often end up costing more than interest.”
  90. “Friendship stands on the pillar of trust, not a stack of dollar bills.”
  91. “Interest earned on a loan can equal interest lost in a friendship.”
  92. “The transfer of money often transfers friendships into feuds.”
  93. “Friendship should never have a price tag, and especially not a loan tag.”
  94. “Don’t let the green of cash dull the gold of friendship.”
  95. “Lending money is often a loan against friendship.”
  96. “Money doesn’t always talk, sometimes it silences friendships.”
  97. “Hard cash can create hard feelings in soft friendships.”
  98. “Avoid signing checks that your friendship can’t cash.”
  99. “Loans don’t always come due in currency; often, they’re paid in lost friendships.”
  100. “Money in the middle can create boundaries in friendships that were boundaryless.”
  101. “A small loan can often lead to a large rift in friendships.”
  102. “Invest in friendship, don’t lend to it.”
  103. “When it comes to friendship, don’t let money do the talking.”
  104. “Lending money to a friend is like planting the seed for an awkward tree.”
  105. “Favor your relationships, not the financial favors.”
  106. “Where money is owed between friends, friendship is often un-owned.”
  107. “Lend a helping hand, not a hefty sum.”
  108. “Friendships can’t thrive when money is the fuel.”
  109. “Bond with friends over love and laughs; never over loans and losses.”
  110. “Adding money to friendship can subtract the joy from it.”
  111. “Friendship’s richness often turns poor when loaned dollars.”
  112. “Friendship should speak the language of love, not of loans.”
  113. “The cost of lending money: a friend. The price: priceless.”
  114. “The easiest way to lose a friend is to lend them money.”
  115. “When you start lending, you step on the path to ending the friendship.”
  116. Lending can drain the friendship of its purest emotions.”
  117. “Lending money carries an invisible tax: a deteriorating friendship.”
  118. “Finance has a way of shaking the foundations of friendship.”
  119. “You can balance your accounts, but not friendships, with money involved.”
  120. “When you lend to a friend, the relationship’s health tends to plummet.”
  121. “Trade stories, not money among friends.”
  122. “The balance due seldom balances the friendship.”
  123. “Lending often banks on losing a friendship.”
  124. “When money enters friendships, gratitude often exits.”
  125. “Before you lend to a friend, check the expense of faded friendships.”
  126. “Money won’t grow your friendship, but can certainly prune it.”
  127. “Confuse not friendship with a financial agreement.”
  128. “Friendship has no room for a ledger book.”
  129. “The accounts of friendship and money should never be merged.”
  130. “Share time, not dollars with friends.”
  131. “A loan among friends often collects hidden costs.”
  132. “Money terms can turn friends into foes.”
  133. “Friendship + money = complicated equations.”
  134. “When you lend money to friends, you risk capital and companionship.”
  135. “Friendship should never be an investment strategy.”
  136. “Blurring the lines between friend and financier often leads to blurred friendships.”
  137. “Making a business of friendship is a costly venture.”
  138. “Only lend to a friend what you are willing to lose, including the friendship.”
  139. “Borrowing can erode friendships as fast as beach sand in a storm.”
  140. “A loaned dollar can be a friendship’s worst enemy.”
  141. “Don’t swipe the card of friendship for short-term gains.”
  142. “Lending to a friend can be like casting a stone in a tranquil pond.”
  143. “Financial favors among friends often unbalance the ecosystem of friendship.”
  144. “Let love be the currency exchanged in friendships, not money.”
  145. “Keeping friendships and finances separate helps keep both healthy.”
  146. “When you play banker to a friend, you risk playing the foe in the future.”
  147. “Treasure your friendship too highly to risk it for a loan.”
  148. “Lending can rob friendships of their essence.”
  149. “Lending to friends can often lead to unintended withdrawals from the friendship bank.”
  150. “Debt tied to friendship brings unwelcome strings attached.”
  151. “Lending to friends is like giving them a tool to dismantle your bond.”
  152. “A loan can rob the friend from a friendship.”
  153. “Rather be rich with friends than with their debts.”
  154. “Friendships should bloom with love, not with lent money.”
  155. “Lending to friends is often a recipe for relational discord.”
  156. “Money borrowed between friends can often become a friendship bankrupted.”
  157. “Adding finance to a friendship equation often subtracts the harmony.”
  158. “Friendship is a no-trespassing zone for loans.”
  159. “Loans and friendships are two boats destined for different shores.”
  160. “Money’s worth is temporary, friendships are timeless. Don’t mistake one for the other.”
  161. “The interest from lending to friends often compounds in lost trust.”
  162. “Lending often loans a spot of bother in friendships.”
  163. “Financial ties can sometimes choke friendships.”
  164. “A loan often leaves friendships in the red.”
  165. “Fiscal decisions within friendships often lead to emotional recessions.”
  166. “Manage money with banks and memories with friends.”
  167. “Money’s toll can take a toll on friendships.”
  168. “Loans among friends – always a high-interest ordeal.”
  169. “Bond over shared experiences, not shared expenses among friends.”
  170. “A lent dollar can echo as ripples of discomfort in friendships.”
  171. “Money is a risky machinery to introduce in the gentle fabric of friendships.”
  172. “Finances are extra baggage that friendships need not carry.”
  173. “When you lend money, be ready for changes in your friendship’s currency.”
  174. “Lend wisdon, not money to your friends.”
  175. “Let not your friendships have the shadow of money over them.”
  176. “A loan alters the temperature of friendships.”
  177. “The fee for lending to friends often costs a fortune in lost relationships.”
  178. “Bring in money matters, and it may matter no more if you were friends.”
  179. “Borrowing can borrow away the health from friendships.”
  180. “Never let the cost of a loan outweigh the worth of a friendship.”
  181. “The currency of trust is far more valuable than that of paper in friendships.”
  182. “While lending money, be prepared to be lent a lesson in losing friendships.”
  183. “Friendship is a relationship to cherish, not to charge.”
  184. “Reconciling debts can often lead to unreconcilable differences in friendships.”
  185. “A loan to a friend is often a long-term investment in short-term discomfort.”
  186. “Lend an ear or a shoulder to friends, not financial support.”
  187. “Unlike debts, some friendships are difficult to recover.”
  188. “Tighten not the knot of friendship with the cords of financial obligation.”
  189. “Loans between friends often act as speed bumps in the journey of friendship.”
  190. “The money you lend to a friend may cost you far more in emotional currency.”
  191. “The costliest loan is often the one given to a friend.”
  192. “A loan among friends is often a transaction with high emotional interest.”
  193. “A friend in need is a friend in deed – but only if that deed isn’t a loan.”
  194. “The road to a failed friendship is often paved with past loans.”

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