190+ Buying Love With Money Quotes

In this blog, we explore these thought-provoking quotes that expertly capture the elusive nature of love and highlight our fruitless attempts to buy it with money. These quotes will make you ponder, smile, identify, and most importantly, realize the undeniable truth about love – you simply can’t buy it.

Buying Love With Money Quotes

  1. “Money can buy you admiration, but not love.”
  2. “Love is a currency of emotions, it cannot be bought with mere money.”
  3. “There is a misconception that wealth can make hearts grow fonder, but love and money exist independent of each other.”
  4. “One administration has hoarded the coinage of the heart, wealth cannot purchase it.”
  5. “Love can’t be purchased in a shop, it’s not for sale.”
  6. “The giving of love is its own reward, and it is not something that comes with a price-tag.”
  7. “Money can procure a lot of things, but not the purity of love.”
  8. “Money cannot buy the joy of shared love and companionship.”
  9. “Even the wealthiest person cannot afford to buy real love.”
  10. “Love happens when hearts connect, not when wallets are filled.”
  11. “Love that is purchased with money is no more than an illusion.”
  12. “Hearts are won over, not bought over.”
  13. “True love is priceless, you can’t buy it even with all the riches in the world.”
  14. “Money can procure affection, but never love.”
  15. “Love is a fabric that can’t be woven with golden threads.”
  16. “In the market of love, money holds no currency.”
  17. “Love: the one thing you can’t invest in and expect guaranteed returns.”
  18. “Money can buy you everything but not the love of your significant other.”
  19. “Expecting to buy love with money is like trying to touch a mirage.”
  20. “Money can buy you attention, not affection.”
  21. “To try to buy love with money is to disregard the value of the heart.”
  22. “Gold cannot buy a golden heart.”
  23. “Filling your pockets with money will never fill your life with love.”
  24. “The exchange rate between love and money is zero – they’re simply incompatible.”
  25. “Love is not a commodity to be purchased, but a feeling to be cherished.”
  26. “If you can purchase love with money, it’s not love, it’s a contract.”
  27. “Currencies fluctuate, but the value of love remains constant.”
  28. “Love cannot be tamed by monetary gains.”
  29. “Create wealth, but don’t anticipate that it can manufacture love.”
  30. “Money can’t bring you love, instead, it often brings false affections.”
  31. “In the journey of love, money is not the ticket.”
  32. “Money can make you rich, but it can’t enrich your heart with love.”
  33. “Love can’t be bought, it must be felt.”
  34. “Confusing love that money can buy with genuine love leads to heartbreak.”
  35. “Wealth can buy many luxuries, but love isn’t amongst them.”
  36. “Money might control the world, but it certainly can’t control matters of the heart.”
  37. “Money buys comforts, but love brings contentment.”
  38. “Love is the riches of the heart, not of the pocket.”
  39. “Investing money in love is the riskiest venture ever.”
  40. “Love may be a lot of things, but it’s not a transaction.”
  41. “Money might buy a fancy lifestyle, but it certainly doesn’t assure a life filled with love.”
  42. “Mixing money and love often leads to bitter equations.”
  43. “Money can buy a diamond ring, but not commitment.”
  44. “Love has a language that money can’t speak.”
  45. “The relation between love and money isn’t linear, it’s nonexistent.”
  46. “Love is a feeling to be won, not something to be bought.”
  47. “In the game of love, money is an invalid player.”
  48. “Money can buy you a bed of roses, not someone to share it with.”
  49. “Money might make the world go around, it doesn’t spin the wheel of love.”
  50. “With money comes power, but with love comes completeness.”
  51. “Those who attempt to buy love usually end up with a false copy.”
  52. “The love that money buys lasts as long as the money lasts.”
  53. “Money can create an attraction, but not a bond.”
  54. “Love isn’t an item on a price list.”
  55. “The love purchased with money is as fleeting as money itself.”
  56. “Money can’t buy you the warmth of genuine love.”
  57. “Love can be cultivated, not bought.”
  58. “Money might attract hearts, but it can’t bind them.”
  59. “Money can light up your house, not your heart.”
  60. “Love bought with money is like a castle built on sand.”
  61. “Think twice before you insert love into your budget.”
  62. “Hearts open with affection, not with a cash transaction.”
  63. “A priceless heart will never accept the payment of money.”
  64. “Nothing devalues love like a price tag.”
  65. “Those who value money over love are purchasing loneliness.”
  66. “In the economy of love, money is an obsolete currency.”
  67. “Money can buy roses, but not the love that blooms it.”
  68. “Love is not acquired but bestowed.”
  69. “Throwing money on love will only make it vanish.”
  70. “In matters of love, money is a mute spectator.”
  71. “You might count your wealth in dollars, but love is priceless.”
  72. “Money can buy possession, not the heartfelt passion.”
  73. “Love is the wealth of the heart, money can’t buy it.”
  74. “Love that comes with a price tag is a poor bargain.”
  75. Do not replace love with money, one is necessary, the other priceless.”
  76. “Money is a poor substitute for the richness of love.”
  77. “Love bought with money is a facade.”
  78. “The costliest love is the one bought with money.”
  79. “The language of love is spoken in emotions, not in banknotes.”
  80. “Money can buy pleasure, not the joy of being loved.”
  81. “Money can secure many things, but love isn’t among them.”
  82. “Love can’t be bought, it’s a priceless gift.”
  83. “To search for love by spending money is to understand neither love nor money.”
  84. “Valuing love in terms of money is a folly.”
  85. “Money might fetch you admirers but not love.”
  86. “The heart’s desire isn’t satiable with gold.”
  87. “Money is a good servant but a bad cupid.”
  88. “One can’t put a dollar amount on love.”
  89. “The sweetness of love can’t be bought with any amount of money.”
  90. “If love came with a price tag, it would be worthless.”
  91. “The heart deals in emotions, not transactions.”
  92. “Love can only be earned in trust, affection, and care, not in money.”
  93. “Money can buy comfort, but never genuine love.”
  94. “No amount of money could ever manufacture pure affection.”
  95. “We can afford luxuries, but true love is priceless.”
  96. “Love doesn’t come with a price tag.”
  97. “Happiness is homemade, not purchased.”
  98. “Love isn’t found in material wealth, but in heartfelt moments.”
  99. “Buying love is renting hearts, not owning them.”
  100. “Real love can’t be purchased, it’s earned.”
  101. “Gold can glitter but it can’t provide warmth like love.”
  102. “Love isn’t confined to a wallet’s depth.”
  103. “The deepest affection is always free.”
  104. “Money may govern the economy, but love governs the heart.”
  105. “The language of love cannot be bought.”
  106. “If love is bought, its essence is lost.”
  107. “Purchased love is temporary, real love is enduring.”
  108. “Price tags on gifts express cost, not affection.”
  109. “The love bought by wealth is poorer than poverty itself.”
  110. “Avoid love that counts costs, embrace love that counts moments.”
  111. True love doesn’t have a price tag, it’s always priceless.”
  112. “The currency of love isn’t money, it’s time, care and kindness.”
  113. “In the market of love, trust is the only acceptable currency.”
  114. “The heart trades on time and emotion, not dollars.”
  115. “Money can only mimic love, it cannot become it.”
  116. “Love makes humans rich, money doesn’t.”
  117. “When you try to buy love, you pay too much for too little.”
  118. “The most treasured love is one that money cannot buy.”
  119. “True love can’t be appraised, its value is beyond measure.”
  120. “In the treasury of the heart, money has no value.”
  121. “Love built on money will crumble in the first financial crisis.”
  122. “Invest in understanding and kindness, they offer the best love dividends.”
  123. “Just like a song can’t be sung with money, love can’t be bought with it as well.”
  124. “Buying love is like buying air, you’ll only end up empty-handed.”
  125. “If love could be bought, it would lose its worth.”
  126. “In the business of love, money is a bad investment.”
  127. “He who buys love pays with his heart and never gets a refund.”
  128. “The store of affection never takes the currency of cash.”
  129. “Money can buy attention, not affection.”
  130. “Money can initiate a spark, but it can’t keep the flame alive.”
  131. “In the pursuit of love, your heart matters more than your wallet.”
  132. “Love is like wine, its value can’t be expressed in dollars.”
  133. “When you buy love, remember it’s only a lease.”
  134. “Love auctioned for money yields the lowest returns.”
  135. “Investing money in love is the fastest way to bankruptcy.”
  136. “In the stock market of love, the biggest gainers are those who invest their heart.”
  137. “Love that’s leased with money never feels like home.”
  138. “In the arithmetic of love, the highest bidder often loses out.”
  139. “Currency gives you access, not association.”
  140. “Trying to buy love is like chasing the wind with a net.”
  141. “The best currency for buying love is emotional investment.”
  142. “Cash is a poor negotiator in matters of the heart.”
  143. “Love bought with money can be counterfeited, real love is original.”
  144. “Money is a language love doesn’t know.”
  145. “Trying to buy love with money sends you into emotional debt.”
  146. “Love’s market value can never be dictated by money.”
  147. “No wealth can equal the richness of sincere love.”
  148. “Expensive gifts can’t compensate for genuine emotions.”
  149. “The highest bidder does not always win the auction of love.”
  150. “If money can buy love, then it’s probably not worth having.”
  151. “In love’s economy, kindness is the only currency.”
  152. “Love bought with money is a bad deal; it depreciates over time.”
  153. “Love with a price tag isn’t worth the investment.”
  154. “Invest in love with time and affection, money yields low returns.”
  155. “When love is on sale, its value depreciates.”
  156. “For lasting love, invest in emotions, not in financial transactions.”
  157. “Paper money can never replace the paper on which love letters are written.”
  158. “In the marketplace of love, genuine feelings are the only currency.”
  159. “Money can buy comfort, not companionship.”
  160. “Gold glistens, but it doesn’t gleam with love.”
  161. “Love is a feeling, not a transaction.”
  162. “Handpicked flowers are worth more than diamonds when given with love.”
  163. “Wealth can build a house, but only love can make it a home.”
  164. Money can secure a date, not a soulmate.”
  165. “Buying love is like buying air, something that should be free.”
  166. “Love purchased by money is certainly a bad investment.”
  167. “A heart won with money is a heart not really won.”
  168. “Love bought with cash can’t withstand the winds of trials.”
  169. “Dollar bills may fill the wallet, not fill the heart.”
  170. “Bought love is fleeting; true love is everlasting.”
  171. “Love is not an item to be bought, but a feeling to be shared.”
  172. “Money can’t buy dreams shared and memories created.”
  173. “Costly gifts can never replace priceless moments.”
  174. “Grains of love are worth more than heaps of gold.”
  175. “Genuine love is priceless and can’t be traded for all the coins in the world.”
  176. “Fondness bought with money is like a castle built on sand.”
  177. “Affection is earned by the heart, not by the wallet.”
  178. “Love that gleams in the heart is worth more than the jewels money can buy.”
  179. “While money can buy pleasure, genuine love brings joy.”
  180. “The currency of love is compassion, not cash.”
  181. “In the market of love, feelings are the highest currency.”
  182. “Money might make life comfortable, but only love can make it meaningful.”
  183. “You can’t buy a heart with notes from your wallet.”
  184. “Money can open doors, but only love can open hearts.”
  185. “The heart trades in matters of emotions, not in money.”
  186. “Cash can purchase a lot, but never can it purchase love.”
  187. “Love bought with money fades, while love earned lasts a lifetime.”
  188. “Only the heart can negotiate love, not the wallet.”
  189. “Money can’t purchase the bond of shared dreams and hopes.”
  190. “The coin of affection is always loyalty, not money.”
  191. “The finest things in life – love, joy, and companionship – are out of money’s reach.”
  192. “Buying love might secure affection, but surely not devotion.”

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